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About us

Amat Engineering is one of the primary supplier in Turkish shipbuilding and shipping industry.

Cost-effective marine transportation has been, and always will be, an important issue. Developments in shipbuilding technology are constantly leading to new insights, using new techniques, shapes, energy, power and electronics for the purpose of staying competitive. Today’s vessels are being manned with crews that are increasing in knowledge, thus allowing a decrease in the number of crewmembers. Ease in operations, reliability of systems and quick maintenance while maintaining low costs are of vital importance to our customers.


Techcross has grown to be a global leading BWMS maker by obtaining the world’s first IMO Basic Approval and several remarkable achievements in the BWMS industry since IMO BWM Convention was adopted in 2004. Techcross is not only upgrading its BWMS performance but also expanding global service network to provide the customers with best possible services.

Veth Propulsion is a customer-oriented international manufacturer of auxiliary propulsions and propulsion machinery for ships. This family company, which was established in Papendrecht in the Netherlands, is a global player and a leader in innovation, quality, flexibility and speed and it provides employment to 150 people.

The purpose of Ecospeed is to offer a long-lasting, non-toxic protection for all ship hulls and to provide a system that keeps a hull very smooth and free of fouling for the service life of the vessel with minimal repair and no replacement.

The roots of ME Production date back to 1945. Building on a strong heritage of innovation and professionalism, the company has continually grown and expanded its operations over the years developing new solutions in response to customer and market demands, establishing new capabilities and advancing our technical prowess.

Heatmaster conceives, designs and produces thermal heating systems for marine and industrial applications. Our heating systems set themselves apart by their exceptional durability, reliability and high efficiency.

Praxis Automation Technology develops, manufactures and delivers innovative ship automation, navigation and electric propulsion equipment for all types of vessels. Ship automation, Navigation, Electric propulsion

Since 1918, Twin Disc power transmission technology has been changing the way the world works. You can find our products in the drivelines and powertrains of a huge array of equipment—from tractors, trucks and turbines to work boats and pleasure craft.

Tell us your pumping task, we will have the suitable solution! After all, we have the most comprehensive production program in the field of screw pumps and systems.

Rubber Design has become one of the international leading specialists when it comes to offering solutions for vibration, noise and shock related problems. In the last two decades, Rubber Design has also become a renowned specialist in propeller shaft installations for the exclusive yacht building industry.

Our company was founded in 1856 and we have been focusing on sealing solutions since the 1960s. To this day, Lagersmit serves a vast number of customers consisting of suppliers of propulsion systems, ship owners, shipyards, dredging companies, pump manufacturers, refineries and power plants.

More than 45 years of research and development into silencing has created unique silencer principles. Silentor is a Danish based company developing, producing and marketing exhaust silencer solutions principally for diesel and gas engines. More than 43 years of research and development into silencing has created unique silencer principles.


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